Sunshine Pool Products

Sunshine Pool Products Dealers, Pool and Spa Ionizer, Pool and Spa Chlorine Generators, and MagnaWrap Magnetic Water Conditioners

Dealer Information

Volume Discounts
We sale wholesale direct to everyone, and we have volume discounts for everyone. Approved Pool and Spa Dealers can get further discounts.

How to become a Dealer?
We are looking for dealers to sell our products. To become a dealer, contact us with your company name, address, phone number, email, and website, and we will approve you as a dealer. If you are not already an established business, you will have to purchase and install at least 4 systems before we will approve you as one of our dealers.

Dealer Territories
With high volume purchases you can get exclusive territories based on your volume of sales. We do not give territories or dealer discounts to anyone who just claims they will have volume sales. Do not ask for a territory until you are purchasing at least 10 systems every few months.

International and Large Sales
Sunshine Pool products sales to many countries. Because of our very low prices, we sale more products outside the USA than we do in the USA. All large sales over $3,000 are only paid for via bank transfer. All warranty shipping outside the USA is paid for by the customer or dealer.