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Every pool or spa should have an ionizer.
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To see details about how it is installed, see our How to Install page or read the instructions in the description of the model you are interested in, in our store.

There may be several models that will work for your pool, but for most pools we recommend our model SPDS.

For spas use model SSDS, or use Instant Ions model IONS-50 and a Copper Test kit model CTK.

The Sunshine Ionizer For Natural Pool or Spa Water

If you're tired of swimming or relaxing in chemicals, and would like to save 80% to 90% on the cost of chemicals, then the Sunshine Ionizer is for you.  If you don't have an ionizer, you will always have algae problems, spend way to much on chemicals, and swim or relax in harsh unpleasant chemicals.  Our Ionizers will save you hundreds of dollars every year and will give you the following benefits:

Low Initial Cost
Superior Water quality
No More Algae Problems
No More Red Itchy Eyes
No More Dried Out Skin
Simple to Operate
Simple to Install
Sizes for Any Size Pool.
Pool Surface and Equipment will Last Longer
Lifetime Warranty on Most Models

How our Sunshine Ionizer Works
Ionizers kill bacteria and algae in your pool.  The ionizer electrodes have a small DC voltage applied to them which forces ions to pass from one electrode to the other.  The ions are caught up in the water as they pass between the electrodes.  These ions attack and kill the bacteria and algae in your pool.  To maintain clean, clear water all you need to do is maintain a low .2 ppm of chlorine or .4 ppm of bromine in your pool or spa.  This about 1/10th the amount required without an ionizer.  So, stop swimming or relaxing in harsh expensive chemicals and enjoy the spring like water of an ionized pool with the Sunshine Ionizer.

What about a cartridge ionizer?

You should not use a cartridge ionizer that is installed inline or placed in the skimmer basket.  They are very expensive, have to be replaced every few months, and you have very little or no control on the amount of ionization being produced.  They are sold without a test kit so you never know what the ion level is and if it is safe to reduce the sanitizer level.  The best method of ionizing a pool and with the lowest cost over time is with an electronic ionizer.

About our Ionizers

Sunshine Pool Products has been manufacturing ionizers since 1991.  Our Sunshine Ionizer has large electrodes made of a copper and zinc alloy that lasts up to 10 times longer than other ionizers.  Our electrodes provide superior purification and water quality.  Only our ionizers come with Instant Ions for start-up so your pool in instantly ionized, and so you don't have to wait weeks and use up your electrodes to build up the ion level

Why the Sunshine Ionizers is the world's best Ionizer and best value.

Our ionizers feature large copper and zinc electrodes, three power supply choices, and Instant Ions for Instant start-up.  Our electronics are all solid state and are microprocessor controlled.  We sell wholesale direct to dealers and to the public. We have the lowest prices available anywhere, and we have the best quality, warranty and service.

What is different about the Sunshine Ionizer?

The Sunshine Ionizer electrodes are made of a custom made copper, and zinc alloy designed for the best water treatment and which are two to ten times larger than other electrodes so they last longer, 3 to 5 years on most pools, and our replacement electrodes are a better value.  Check out our electrode weights and compare.  Many other ionizers use just copper which is not as effective as our copper and zinc electrodes.  Beware of copper only ionizers with round electrodes as they are a cheap copy of our ionizers.  Beware of high percentage silver electrodes.  High concentrations of silver are very toxic and causes staining of pool surfaces.  Our Sunshine Ionizer electrodes contain 85% copper and 15% zinc. All Pool Sunshine Ionizers come with a bottle of our Instant Ions to add to your pool at start-up so your pool is instantly ionized so you won't have to wait a few weeks for the ions to reach the proper level before your pool is ionized.  Other ionizers use up to 50% of the electrodes in just the first few weeks to bring the ion level to the proper level.  We have been manufacturing ionizers since 1991, making us one of the earlier and more experienced ionizer manufacturers.